Troubleshooting an audio error with the Optron Mini

Upon receiving my Optron Mini, I went to the My Optron YouTube channel. There, I was able to find videos of the Optron Mini in use to follow along with. The “Optron Mini App, Getting Started” video helped me set up the instrument, and following along with the “Optron Mini DPAK Session #1” video helped me realize what to do to begin making sounds.

Next, I clicked the “Make Sounds” button under the “Optron Basic Tutorials” menu. In this window, I was able to make my first sound.

I encountered a challenge when I tried to make sounds under any other of the tutorials. Every time I went to click the volume button under one of the tutorials, I would get this error:

I was able to solve this by going into the audio status window under the options tab. There were no input or output locations present, so I selected the ones on my computer.

Afterward, I was able to go on to explore and make sounds with the other tutorials.

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