An introduction to the Tello drone

According to Ryze Robotics, the Tello drone is an easy-to-use lightweight drone that can perform eight different flips, fly up and down, and record short videos. You can control the Tello drone using the Tello app or with a supported Bluetooth device. I found it interesting how you can even use a virtual reality headset with the drone while flying it. 

Tello drones are also a great tool for education. There is an ability to practice programming the drone and its accessories through Scratch. Scratch is a block-based programming language developed by MIT. Its main purpose is to serve as an educational tool to teach users how to build fundamental logic skills that are essential for coding. This is done by teaching users how to think creatively and work collaboratively. However, the Tello drone is not only for beginner coders. There is also an option for advanced users to develop software applications for the Tello. You can buy the Tello drone on the DJI store website.

I think that the Tello drone is a great tool for STEAM education. It adds a real-life addition to practicing programming. By having a physical object that you can affect by coding, the experience is much more memorable and impactful.

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