My name is Audrey Darus, I am a first-year bioengineering student at Oregon State University. Growing up, my parents always exposed me to the arts and encouraged me to be creative. As a result, thinking outside of the box and learning new things has become very important to me. I enjoy making videos, doing stand-up comedy, drawing, crocheting, and playing instruments. I grew up enjoying art, science, and creating things. This made it very clear to me that engineering is the field for me. In the future, I plan on having a career that involves creating products that make life easier.

I am looking forward to working with various forms of art throughout my URSA experience. I want my outreach project to show youth that there are many career options in STEAM that they would enjoy and succeed in. The idea of STEAM is very interesting to me. Many people don’t realize that the art forms they know and love go hand in hand with STEM topics. By the end of this project, I hope to gain multidisciplinary skills that will help me in my professional career. 

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