Dear Terminal…

  • Final blogpost

    My team was the AI Coder team, in which we are tasked to experiment on building a website using AI tools as much as possible, and report on the best ways to use AI tools and when to use them in development. We chose to build a pet adoption website. The most significant achievement during […]

  • Dear Terminal,

    000000010 It has been about three weeks since my group has started the AI Coder project, which requires my group to build a project using any generative AI tools and report on the success and failures. We chose to build a dating web app for animal adoption, where shelters can create profiles for their animals […]

  • Dear Terminal,

    00000001 There’s a perception that there’s two types of programmers: ones who were programming earlier than you and those who started much later. Those who program earlier seem like geniuses compared to the little experience that I have. I fall in the latter camp; it’s only been a few years since I printed my first […]

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