If you are flying, it is generally less expensive to fly in to Portland Airport.  However, Eugene offers a smaller airport and is a closer drive, but is usually more expensive.  If you wish to take public transportation from the Portland airport, the Hut Airport Shuttle connects Portland Airport to Corvallis and the OSU Campus. It is easy to catch right outside of baggage claim. Please visit their website for reservations, schedule and prices http://www.hutshuttle.com/  If you arrive in Eugene, the Omni Shuttle Service connects the airport and Corvallis.  For details, please visit their website at http://www.omnishuttle.com/

If you wish to take bus, there is a Greyhound Bus terminal in downtown Corvallis.  The nearest Amtrak train station is in Albany, approximately 15 miles from campus.

If you are driving, a Day Use Parking Permit may be purchased at the lot on the corner of 15th and Jefferson.  This lot is only a block to Furman Hall and a couple blocks to the Memorial Union where most of our sessions will be held.

You can find the links for all of the above as well as driving directions and a campus map at the following link. http://oregonstate.edu/visitors/tour/campusmap.htm


Transportation from Portland Airport to Corvallis
Recommendations Method of Transportation Hours Estimated Cost Pickup Location Drop Off Location Website
Easiest Hut Shuttle Check Website $85.00 (Round Trip) Portland Airport OSU Memorial Union http://www.hutshuttle.com/
Amtrak Check Website $30.00 (one way) Union Station (Portland) Albany Station (In Albany OR) http://www.amtrak.com/train-routes
Most Expensive Portland Taxi Service Check Website $250.00 (one way) Portland Airport OSU Memorial Union http://www.broadwaycab.com/taxi-cab-rates-portland
Most Freedom Enterprise Rent A Car 25 and older $18.00 per day Portland Airport You Drive www.enterprise.com
21 – 24 $18.00 per day Portland Airport You Drive
18 – 21 Possible Age Restriction
Most Affordable Greyhound Bus Check Website $30.00 (round trip) Portland Grey Hound Station Greyhound Bus, Station in Corvallis http://www.greyhound.com/
Important Note: You will need to take Portland’s light rail service “The Max” to the Greyhound Bus station from the airport.  http://trimet.org/max/ 




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