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  • CS-467 SWOT Analysis

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed CS-467 and my project- HTML 5 tower defense game. This project and class has allowed me to grow and improve my skills as a developer and as a professional in the industry. Below is my SWOT analysis of the course based on my experiences during the Winter 2024 session. In terms of…

  • Favorite technology from Capstone

    My favorite technology from my Capstone Project is using Unity as a game engine for HTML 5 game development. It has been immensely fun learning to use the software to code my Capstone Project which is a HTML 5 Tower Defense Game. Being able to see a visual output on the screen from coding has…

  • How I got here?

    I started dabbling with computers and software(mostly hardware) when I was younger in elementary school. One of my older cousins was in college and was considering pursuing a computer science degree prior to the dotcom bubble burst. While his passion died mine persisted for years until I got to highschool and college where I chose…

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to blogs.oregonstate.edu. This is your first post and this is me testing it!

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