QuantConnect API

This week I have focused on learning the QuantConnect API and its functionality as it relates to algorithmic trading. I am honestly impressed overall with the ability to host a variety of trading algorithms as well as the ability to customize trading strategies relatively dynamically. I have been focused on trading strategies revolving around various… Continue reading QuantConnect API

ETF Basics

This week I was officially assigned to work on a team that will develop a web app that makes informed short-term algorithmic trading decisions. After meeting with our adviser, Chester, we have decided to work on highly volatile and leveraged ETFs. Since we are focused on ETF’s or Exchange Traded Funds I decided to do… Continue reading ETF Basics


In 2017 I graduated with my first degree in Biochemistry from UCSD. After spending my summers backpacking in the Sierras, I decided after graduating I would move up to Seattle. After my move, I quickly found work with a small biotech company specializing in infectious diseases. At the company, while doing research, I began using… Continue reading Introduction