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We’re Engaged!

  November 13th, 2011

I have had one other online course (so I could get certification as a Medical Assistant to help my husband build his practice and to be able to see patient charts for billing). The instructor just posted a 1 page document (weekly) and then we were to take a multiple choice quiz. It was pretty low-level. I did 10 of these and I didn’t feel like I learned much. It was basically paying for a certificate so¬† I would not violate HIPAA.

I have learned a lot from this class but feel as though I really need to review all the material again to be able to incorporate more of the approaches into my courses. I am inspired to create exciting learning opportunities for students and see that there is much to be done. There is definitely a lot to absorb and some learning curves involved but I look forward to the discovery and implementation.

Dana Reason

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3 Responses to “We’re Engaged!”

  1. Dana, your comment about not learning much from a document + quiz structure really says a lot and is probably great inspiration for you as you design your courses.

    What’s missing in the document + quiz formula is interaction between the students and other students and the students and the instructor. There’s also some question about the quality of the interaction with the content, considering the lack of active learning involved.

    In our workshop, we tried to provide a wide range of possibilities to accommodate instructors from different disciplines. Mastering it all wouldn’t be necessary or even desirable. Instead, we hope that you will find the tools you need to help create quality active learning experiences for your students, where they engage with the content, with each other, and with you.

    Thanks for all of your participation and hard work!

    Comment by Shannon Riggs - November 14th, 2011 @ 9:44 am
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