The 2014 update

We’re not entirely dead, but close to it. I have moved to the state of Pennsylvania for a new job and therefore will not be locally involved in this project any more. Andy is still in Corvallis and it will be up to him if we want this project to continue. As for the where the proposal is, it’s stuck in red tape and planning sessions with the county parks office. Last I heard we were waiting to hear if the project could be integrated into the overall strategic plan for the county parks. I will be handing over this site to Andy and it may or may not stay at this location. I am sorry that a track never materialized while I was in Oregon. I think one is still needed but we may need to consider looking for privately owned space out side of the parks system.

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End of the Year Corvallis RC Track update.

Well another year has gone by but lots of progress has been made in getting a dedicated off-road RC track built. What we would like to do next is have an informal meeting at the proposed RC track site. This meeting would be for everybody on this list and anyone else you may know that is interested in this project. We will be talking about track design, layout, club formation, and any other questions you may have.

Time and place:

January 5th, 2013 at 2pm


Brian Unwin Field
Benton County RC Club Airdrome.

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Sept/Oct/Nov Update

So where are we? Well we’re not dead! We are still working on the track. We have not officially broken ground on the new location. But we are very close to that point. We were asked to finailize and clarify our track plans and layout so here is the new map.

View Proposed RC Track in a larger map

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April/May/June Update

We are still alive and moving along. We have received a list of questions and concerns from the Benton County advisory board, and from the BCRCC. We will be addressing those questions and concerns in June with a couple of meetings. So hopefully by the end of June we should have a much better picture on where we are in the process. In the mean time you may want check out ROAR. ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers) is the official U.S./Canadian sanctioning body for R/C car and truck competition. It creates and maintains rules for all popular classes of RC competition, which are created for fair, equal competition across a range of vehicle classes and skill levels. We will be using them for insurance coverage.

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March RC Track Project Update

So a little update.  Andy and I met with Jeff Powers from Benton County Parks on Tuesday (3/13) and discussed the proposed track location and what would be the next step(s) from here.  He was very receptive on the idea of the track however did caution us that the county would not be able to provide funding for the project, so we would be on our own for that end.  He is supposed to present the project tonight (Wednesday 3/14) at a board meeting and ask if they would like Andy and I to make a formal presentation to the board next month in April.  Also Andy had a chat with Mr. Trump on Tuesday and Mr. Trump is going to meet with the RC Airplane club and get someone to give us some sort of official endorsement for the RC track.  To sum up, we are waiting to hear back from Jeff Powers and Mr. Trump and then we will take the next step.. So the ball is rolling folks, a little slow, but it’s moving.
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Proposed Track Location

The proposed track location would be next to the current RC Airfield next to Adair County Park. Here is a google map link showing the area, the shaded blue area is the proposed location of the track and facilities.  This is just a rough sketch of the area and the final dimensions will need to be cleared with the RC Airplane club and the county. Further there are some natural obstructions that we will need to work around.

Rough Dimensions: A 197′ by 687′ rectangle.

Google Map Link to RC track

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