CoP Mechnical Event: Some Simple but Useful Techniques for 3D Printed Enclosures Presentation

Hi All,

The mateirals of Don’s has been updated below, including slides and video. Stay tuned for updates regarding future events!

Video :


SolidWorks Part File :

Mechanical Design First meeting

We are going to have the first meeting !

This is our first meeting of this community, it will be from 3~4 pm, on Thursday (10/17/2019) at Dearborn 211. Looking forward to see you guys !

Spring Term 2019 Meeting

We are going to have the first meeting of spring! Hope you all have a nice spring break!

This meeting we are going to have a general discussion about the direction of this term and we probably will invite a mechanical engineering professor to our CoP to have a speech.

Location: Dearborn 211

Time: 4:00 pm, 4/19/2019

Week 5 Meeting Notes

  • How to design your enclosure?
    • Enclosure size
    • Output(s)
    • Material (plastic, wood, etc.)
    • Waterproof?
      • One member suggested a manufacturer in California
  • Next Meeting
    • Share your design 🙂

Mechanical Design CoP meeting 2

Hi all,

We are going to have a meeting from 3~4 pm on this Friday (Feb. 8) .
This week we will discuss about enclosure design, so please prepare to share some of your requirements of the enclosure that you are going to design, if you need to design an enclosure for your team, and we can have some discussion in the meeting.