About Clean Code

From my experience as a CS student and one internship experience, I’ve get the chance to read other engineer’s code. I have to admit that it is sometimes painful to truly understand what a piece of code is doing when it’s poorly designed. Thanks for CS467 introducing the Clean Code book to me, I’ve found… Continue reading About Clean Code

Thoughts about team work

I have worked within many teams, teams from work, school and sports. I found it interesting to work with people you just met, I learned a lot from these teamwork experiences. The first thing I learned is “Don’t assume your teammates understand you”. People working in the same team can came from different backgrounds, the… Continue reading Thoughts about team work

First Internship Experience

Interview I only got one interview for the 2021 summer internship during the Fall 2021 hiring season. The process is all new to me, although I can find online stories about other people’s interviews, it is exciting to me as a CS student who transferred from non-tech industry. I tried my best to maintain effective… Continue reading First Internship Experience