Benefits: What’s important?

When ranking my list of benefits from least likely to give up to most likely to give up, it was an obvious choice for my top three most valued benefits. I felt that health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid time off were all things that should be offered by all employers. After discussing with our groups, we found that we all had similar responses and valued the same benefits. Regardless of the demographic composition of the company’s workforce, I still feel that these benefits are a must for every company. And due to many different government legislations, my top three benefits are legally required benefits that employers must have.

My last three benefits that I would be most willing to give up would be transportation services, tuition reimbursement, and gym memberships. These three benefits fell on the bottom end of my list because although they would be nice to have, I could easily do without them. I think these benefits could have more value dependent on the company that is providing them and where the location is. For example, if someone is working in a rural area and needs to commute often, I think transportation services would be ranked much higher on the list. 

Overall, many of the very important benefits that I have high on my list are often offered by many organizations due to legal requirements passed by the government. I feel that no matter the situation, people should be given access to these benefits and after discussing in class, our group felt the same. When deciding about other benefits to offer, I think it is dependent on the general workforce, the amount of money the company has to offer additional programs, and the location of the organization and what programs would be most beneficial. In conclusion, the benefits offered by a company have a great impact on the overall employee commitment, productivity, and motivation and employers should take time to consider what would be best for their organization.

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