Is Expatriation for Me?

Is expatriation for me? This is an interesting question and one that I’ve actually thought quite a bit about. I am not well-traveled and there are parts of the world that I would love to be able to visit and explore throughout my life, but timing is always a huge factor. The idea of relocating… Continue reading Is Expatriation for Me?

At what point is executive compensation excessive?

Is executive compensation excessive or appropriate? This is a difficult and complex question to answer. When I first was asked to address the question the first thought that popped into my head was “yes, executive compensation is absolutely necessary and appropriate!” I believe the executive compensation is appropriate because executives own the most responsibility in… Continue reading At what point is executive compensation excessive?

Weighting the Benefits

Discretionary benefits are a key component of employee compensation. These are benefits that are not legally required for employers to offer, but hold a great deal of value to employees. Discretionary benefits fall into three general categories — protection programs, paid time off, and services. Protection programs include disability insurance, life insurance, and retirement. Paid… Continue reading Weighting the Benefits

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