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Upcoming Events in the Theriogenology Club

November 16th, 2012

The CVM Theriogenology Club has a great series of events coming up this year. Club co-presidents, Kimberly Bruce and Ashley Runey are organizing a trip for next term to the Oregon Zoo to meet researchers in elephant reproduction. Also on the agenda is a palpation lab with CVM theriogenology resident Dr. Clare Scully.

The club will continue their annual tradition of volunteering at the OSU sheep barn lambing in February and March. Past-president Elsbeth Centola really enjoyed the experience last year despite cold weather. “It’s a great opportunity because it is hands-on and what is cuter than a baby lamb?” she said.

At the lambing center, CVM students assess newborns, dip umbilical cords to prevent infection, and assist in the bonding process. “When lambs are born the mom and baby need to bond,” says Centola. “They lamb in a big pen so when we see a mom going into labor, we have little hinged gates to block her off so other ewes don’t bother her and she can have her baby peacefully. After the baby is standing and starting to nurse, we move them into an isolation pen where they can bond.” They also tattoo ears and put in ear notches.

The first CVM Theriogenology Club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, 2013. All students are welcome to attend. Watch for email notices of upcoming activities and dates. If you are interested in joining or have suggestions for club activities or learning opportunities, contact  Kimberly.cvm@gmail.com or Ashley.runey@gmail.com.

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