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May 24th, 2010

Zoo Wildlife and Exotics Club

Oregon Zoo field trip focuses on elephants
This past Saturday the Zoo Wildlife and Exotics Club (ZWE) club traveled to the Oregon Zoo. The club was invited behind the scenes by Dr. Finnegan to tour the veterinary hospital and offered case studies for students to work on and discuss. Students were then invited to spend some time with the elephant keepers discussing elephant husbandry and training for management of veterinary procedures and regular exams. Dr. Finnegan also discussed elephant dentition, how to score body condition in elephants, and routine procedures such as a trunk wash for TB testing and blood collection sites. The ZWE club is also actively working to bring OSU’s first ZWE symposium in October with the hope of involving students from WSU and UC-Davis.

Dr Finnegan demonstrating BCS on an elephant

The ZWE club at the Oregon Zoo







International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA)

IVSA Travel Scholarship winner is announced

IVSA is pleased to announce Cate Dolan as the 2010 winner of their $500 Travel Scholarship. Congratulations, Cate! She will be traveling to South Africa to perform research at the National Zoological Gardens. Specifically, she will be reviewing the pathology of a group of wild-captured Madagascan reptiles that died after being discovered in a detained shipment en route to the Czech Republic.

Cate Dolan

“I hope to spend some portion of my career working abroad, and so am excited for this opportunity to be exposed to veterinary medicine in another country. The IVSA scholarship helps to make it feasible for me to gain international experience on a student’s budget, and so I’m thrilled to be selected. Thanks to IVSA and all of the donors who fund the scholarship!”

There were five excellent applications this year. Thank you to all the applicants. IVSA was thrilled with the response that they received this year. They would also like to thank all of the participants and donors in the IVSA auction who funded this scholarship with their generous donations!

Current clubs updates can also be found on the “Student Clubs Updates” tab.

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