Course Update

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with my course load. I wanted to finish taking all my courses this term so I could start applying for jobs right away after I was done with the winter quarter. But now I just feel this sense of dread that I won’t be able to finish out the term.… Continue reading Course Update

Leetcode: Start!

I always think to myself that I should start practicing leet code for job interviews but I always find an excuse to not start. With the new year and since this is my last quarter I think I’ll use the blog to keep track of my progress every week. I hope to do one problem… Continue reading Leetcode: Start!


Hi my name is Emily and I just wanted to use this post to reflect on my journey so far. I started at OSU Spring of 2021. I took multiple classes at community college before transferring them. These were the classes I had already taken: -intro C++ -object oriented C++ -Data Structures and Algorithms -Intro… Continue reading Reflection

Hello world!

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