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  • My Biggest Breakthrough

    For this blog post, I’ve chosen to discuss the following topic: Discuss your biggest success during the course. What was your breakthrough, and why did it matter? What did you learn, about the technology, and also about yourself? I believe my most significant success during this course stemmed from the experience of working in a […]

  • Coding With AI

    For my blog post this week I chose to answer the following questions: How are you using AI in your project? What are some pros and cons? Has it made you a better programmer? How are you using AI in your project? This is a particularly relevant topic for my team and myself as the […]

  • The First Post

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post of what I’m sure will be a meandering but meaningful adventure. I am currently attending Oregon State University online, working towards a Bachelors in Computer Science. I also work full-time as a Software Engineer at a local internet service provider and have a loving wife and two […]

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