Submitting a photo

We’re looking for pictures of birds along the entirety of the Oregon coast carrying fish, squid or other marine invertebrates in their bills or talons

Submissions of pictures that have birds in the mouths of estuaries, in bays, along the shore or nearshore, on off-shore or nearshore islands or headlands and off-shore (at-sea) are all accepted for this project. That means a heron with a fish at the mouth of the Columbia and a murre with a fish off-shore from the coastline are both equally desired.

Pictures that we can use

We can use pictures of varying quality for our diet studies. That said, we do need to be able to identify the fish/intertidal prey in the bird’s possession. Here are some examples of pictures that we have received and satisfy our project expectations:

In each of the above photos the birds bills or talons are clearly visible and identification of their prey at the species/group level is possible.

Pictures that we can not use

We’re not saying your pictures aren’t beautiful, we promise, but there are some photos that we just can’t use for this project. Pictures in which the lighting causes extreme glare or where the distance to the individual is too far make it extremely challenging to confidently identify the fish in their bills or talons. The following are examples of pictures that we would not be able to use:

However, always er on the side of optimism. We would rather receive photos that we cannot ultimately use than miss out on photos that we can use!

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