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CN Customer service survey – active July 2, 2015

The customer service survey on COHO tickets is now active for Community Network.

Many thanks to David Williams for creating and helping the management team refine the survey.

Process change – As of today, July 2, 2015 – All tickets you oreviously set to CLOSED SUCCESSFUL – Now set to “Callback – Automatic”

More details


  • Gather customer feedback about CN and on specific tasks/requests from CN customers.
  • This is one method we need to use to gather feedback from customers.
  • This aligns/standardizes the ticket processes between CN, OCH and Service Desk

When is the survey sent?

  • On every ticket that is put into Callback – automatic status.
    • That ticket is then put into Closed Successful status

What queues does this impact?

  • CN Accounts
  • CN Base
  • Base escalation
  • CN Recommendations
  • CN Projects
  • CN Remote
  • Cascades
  • Dowd-CAPS

The message text and survey is below

The Community Network (CN) is following up with your request. Our records indicate this request has been resolved or we are awaiting further information from you. If you feel we are in error, or need to provide additional information for us to assist you, please use one of the methods at the bottom of this e-mail to contact CN.

All the best!


Please help us improve our service by taking this short, optional online survey:



Customer – Technology Engagement Survey


The email bracketed in **** below will be sent to CN LRPs (Local Resource people / Department contacts) shortly. One of the project teams in Info Services is working on a project for Productivity Services and we need customer input/engagement.

At this point, we are only seeking feedback from LRPs about the survey. Their feedback will help us improve the survey that goes out to all CN customers and ideally all OSU employees.

You might get questions about this, the email below show cover most of those questions, at least the ones we can think of at this point.


Ticket process

Link their responses to the master ticket (0323944)

Answer their questions as best you can, if you can’t please ask for assistance as usual.

If you have

  • Answered their questions if any
  • Thanked them for their feedback
  • Linked the ticket to the master

Then – Close the ticket.





CN Local Resource People,

Information Services would appreciate your engagement and input on a survey we will be sending to all CN customers and all OSU faculty and staff.

The intent of the survey is to learn more about OSU’s needs for collaboration and productivity tools. This will help Information Services direct our energy and further meet your needs. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your input

  • Do the survey questions make sense?
  • Do any questions need more details/context?
  • Any additional feedback




Tuesday April 14th, 2015 – 12am/midnight

Thanks in advance!

Your Community Network Support Team

Community Network

Oregon State University

(541) 737-8787