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OSU Alert (Rave) and New OSU IT Outages List

As you may know, OSU Alert (Rave) is OSU’s system for sending emergency alert notifications.

Recently, Information Services has implemented a new process for coordinating on major IT service outages. As part of this effort, there is a new list in OSU Alert for notifying people of OSU IT Outages.

People can request sign-up to the OSU IT Outages list with the request form on our site here: http://is.oregonstate.edu/cn/webform/enroll-osu-it-outages-alert-notification-system

The form creates a request assigned to the Service Desk queue. Everyone in the Service Desk has “help desk” access to the OSU Alert system. It is our responsibility to add users to the OSU IT Outages list in OSU Alert when requested. Instructions are in the OSU Alert ITKnows article. (Note: this process may be automated later, but for now is manual.)

I have updated help desk access for all of our technicians. If you are not able to see and modify list memberships for users in OSU Alert, please let me know.

I encourage you all to add yourselves to the OSU IT Outages list if you would like to receive notification of major service outages.

OSU Alert – Rave

OSU is in the process of moving the OSU Alert emergency notification system to a new vendor. The old system was Blackboard Connect and the new system is AT&T Rave. More information about OSU Alert can be found here:


All Client Services employees have “helpdesk” access in the Rave portal. Login with your ONID/Unified account at https://www.getrave.com/login/oregonstate. Once there, you can view settings for customers but cannot make changes.

All current OSU employees and students are automatically populated in the OSU Alert system with their OSU email. They will need to sign into the system to add other information such as home phone numbers, cell phone and SMS text, or additional email addresses. The logic for populating people in the system has changed a bit. If someone is not in the system, ask them if they are a current student or employee. If they are, please escalate the issue to me by setting the ticket responsible to Kirsten Petersen.

For issues with the Rave system itself, we can escalate to their technical support, but please do not refer customers to them directly.

Rave Tech Support: techsupport@ravemobilesafety.com, (888) 605-7164 + Option 3