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Exchange Issues Update

We are still experiencing intermittent issues with Outlook Web App (OWA) and Outlook for Mac client connectivity.

Server Support are troubleshooting the problem with Microsoft. Several things have been tried without success at this point. Server Support have monitoring in place to restart services as needed or remove malfunctioning servers from rotation. They are considering possible next steps, including moving to a new version of Exchange on-prem.

Please continue to create Incident tickets and link to the Problem master ticket for each event as appropriate. Also continue to notify Server Support of new incident reports.

What to tell customers: 
Our server admins are continuing to work on this issue, and have engaged with Microsoft for assistance. If you experiencing an interruption, please wait a few minutes and then try again.



As new issues occur, we are making new master tickets each time. Each master ticket is linked to the following Problem ticket for tracking progress on troubleshooting this issue with Microsoft:


Call Center Digest – 12/22/2015

I haven’t done a digest for a long time, so this one has a lot of info in it. Sorry for the lengthy update. On the other hand, it goes to show we have been very busy this past month.

RoboBaseLead Lives!

In case you were wondering, Max C. is alive and well and recovering. Don’t let him work, though!

Upcoming Changes
12/28/2015 @ 6AM – BeaverPrint upgrade; brief down-time during upgrade, but no user impact expected afterward. Change log of new features available here.
12/31-1/4 – CAPS will be moving to new offices and to the new core network. Jon Dowd and Max Schmidt will be on-site.
1/1/2016 – OSU Library Worldcat and FirstSearch will be migrating to OCLC’s new Discovery Platform (seeTraining info here).
1/8 -1/26/2016 – PeopleAdmin (OSU’s online hiring system) will be upgraded. No new recruitments can be started during this two week period. Questions? Business Center.
12/28/2016 – The old ONID SSO service will be retired. Identity & Access Management (IAM) worked with CWS and ECampus to set the timeline for this change. Please note this change is 1 year from now.

Unification Project

 1/6/2016 –  We will be doing a few more CN account unifications.
12/2 – 0369701 (16 tickets)
12/9 – 0371338 (25 tickets)
12/16 – 0372849 (42 tickets)
12/21 – 0373476 (3 tickets)

Recent Outages/Incidents

12/9 – Bad MS patch broke Outlook 2010. (0370956).
12/9-12/15 – Outlook Web Access (OWA) search was failing for users on some mail stores. Resolved.
12/10-12/17 – Several printers around campus printed gibberish on entire reams of paper; probably an exploit. Setting ACLs on printers should resolve.
12/17 3:45PM-6:00PM – Kaltura video playback not working from OSU network. Cause unknown, but likely an upstream issue. If this happens again, please collect info and escalate to NOC queue.
12/18 – Many Ecampus students were reporting issues getting in to MyOSU to register for classes. ECampus had some links promoting the MyOSU method, which often breaks for people off-campus. They have updated those links to point to InfOSU, and we have not received any more calls about this.

Recent Changes
12/7 – The Microsoft Home Use Program code was updated; the new code is in the COHO canned response.
12/12 – All Macs in Milne lab were re-imaged as OSX only (no more Bootcamp).
12/15 – ONID CAS Single-sign on modified; no issues reported.
12/15 – College of Engineering unified all of their accounts, including students. COE students now login to COE resources with their ONID account.
12/17 – Shibboleth SSO upgraded; no issues reported.
12/17 – COHO Server maintenance; no issues.
12/19 – Wireless controller upgrades; no issues reported.
12/19 – Name (DNS) server maintenance; no issues reported.
12/19 – Federation.oregonstate.edu (ADFS) upgrade. (This is the login page for Office 365.) People might notice a “Kumo” option the first time they access the page.
12/22 @ 6AM – KAdmNet201 old core router maintenance; no issues reported.

Policy/Procedure Updates

Screen Connect Best Practices: please have customers connect with a code (ideally their username) to prevent other customers accidentally booting the connection. New Screen Connect documentation here: http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=2742http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=2742  (Thank you, Jade!)

Some Random News
NERO (one of our upstream providers) recently joined Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), which allows NERO to peer directly with several sites including Akamai, Google, Netflix and others.

OWA Upgrade Info

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App.

The log in page has been changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users.

The log in form works mostly the same. You may either use your CN\username or first.last@oregonstate.edu to log in. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; exmail.oregonstate.edu -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page has also been updated to reflect this change, and includes screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Also, the Private/Public computer option has been removed. The form will now automatically remember your Username, and your web browser will most likely ask you to save your password. We recommend to not save your password if the computer is used by multiple people. However it should be saved per Windows login account anyway, so as long as each user is switching their Windows logins then you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Lastly, the accessibility option for enabling the “Lite/Light” version of Outlook has been moved. To enable this feature, use the following instructions:

  1. Log into Outlook Web Access.
  2. Click on the Options drop-down menu at the top right hand side of the page just below your name and select “See All Options…”
  3. Click on Settings from the left hand navigation pane.
  4. Click on General at the top of the page.
  5. Under Accessibility, select the checkbox next to “Use the blind and low vision experience.
  6. Click Save at the bottom right hand side of the page.
  7. Restart your web browser and log back in. You should now be seeing the “light” version of the webmail client.

Of course if you have any questions, please contact the CN Call Center.


Notice – OWA Planned Upgrade

via Jason Appah

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App so you all are aware and prepared for when it happens. The log in page will be changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style:
OWA upgrade login
The log in form works exactly the same. You may either use your Domain\user or first.last@oregonstate.edu to log in. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; exmail.oregonstate.edu -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page will also be updated when this change is made, and will include screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Currently the plan is to push this change out on February 15th, at about 10:00PM.