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The following applications will be updated tonight via Ninite:

  • Google Chrome: 43.0.2357.81 –> 43.0.2357.124 (details)
  • Flash (IE and Firefox): –> (details)
  • PDF Creator: –> (details)
  • Skype: –> (no release notes O.o )

There is about 1GB worth of Windows and Office updates. The WSUS synchronization log can be found here:

\\cn-share\is\TSS\CN\Patch Tuesday\WSUSJune2015.xls

This series of updates does require a reboot.


  • PDFCreator nuked my profile settings and is presenting me with a welcome screen to set up my profile again.
  • Office has decided that new shortcuts should be placed in C:\Users\Public\Desktop. As a result, all of my desktop shortcuts for Office got duplicated.

Ninite Pro Expired

Update: Ninite is now functional again.

Ninite Pro has expired and is no longer functional. Please use their website for now if doing manual installs. Angela is aware and has contacted them to renew our account. This has the following impact for Client Services:

  • The update tonight will fail if the SCCM package isn’t updated before 10pm. I think we’ll have an updated executable before that happens.
  • Current Windows builds will likely fail the Ninite process in MDT but should proceed through the rest of the build. Technicians will need to run installers post-config until we have an updated executable.
  • Customer machines that haven’t been turned on in a while will likely attempt Ninite updates and fail. This shouldn’t be noticeable to the customer.
  • DCAs and anyone else who uses Ninite Pro may have difficulties depending on how they use the program. I have contacted folks who are using it for SCCM.