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Milne 213 Welcome

A few important things to make you aware of in our new space:
  • Before putting up any decorations or moving furniture, etc., please check with me or Max Cohen. Our space is shared now with other staff in Client Services. As such, we have a little less latitude about decorations and such. Keep it clean and professional.
  • Break room: the break room is downstairs next to the rest rooms. There is a key for students (and a check out form) hanging up in the inner office at the bench. Also, all full-timers have a key to that door.
  • Door access: Lucas is working on getting us electronic access to the 213 door. For now we have been leaving it propped open while staff are here, but once we all have door access it will be locked 24×7.
  • Supplies: There are some kitchen type supplies (napkins, utensils, plates) in the drawers across from my cube. There are also some office supplies (pens, sticky notes, tape, staplers, printer paper) located there. Miscellaneous hardware such as cables and computer parts are located in the large gray cabinets in the back office. Note: we are still getting settled in and things are likely to keep moving around for a bit. Come ask me if you can’t find something.
  • Printer: Will be set up as \\iscs-printq.tss.oregonstate.edu\MCC-213-HP-LaserJet-P3015 as soon as the port gets set to the correct VLAN. For now you can print to it at: MCC-213-HP-LaserJet-P3015-temp.tss.oregonstate.edu

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, existential angst, etc.

Welcome to Milne.  🙂


All Dell Windows computers were updated (Citrix PVS image) in Milne on Wednesday, December 30th.

Bug fixes, improvements, and updates:

  • Fixed Adobe After Effects intermittent crash error 0 :: 42.
    • The fix was to update the video drivers.
  • Fixed newly introduced Adobe After Effects error about not having a disk cache configured.
    • I’ve created a folder C:\Temp and have configured the default user profile to point the cache there.
  • Fixed GPU performance error for Adobe Illustrator.
    • I’ve configured the default user profile to disable this feature and stop prompting the user.
  • Removed the Java update application from the run key in the registry. This should stop the update notifications.
  • Applied Windows updates.
  • Applied Ninite updates.
  • Applied Adobe CC updates.

Newly installed applications (by request):

  • TeXnicCenter
  • MiKTeX
  • MPlus
  • Eclipse IDE

Applications removed:

  • Winsent Innocenti