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All Dell Windows computers were updated (Citrix PVS image) in Milne on Wednesday, December 30th.

Bug fixes, improvements, and updates:

  • Fixed Adobe After Effects intermittent crash error 0 :: 42.
    • The fix was to update the video drivers.
  • Fixed newly introduced Adobe After Effects error about not having a disk cache configured.
    • I’ve created a folder C:\Temp and have configured the default user profile to point the cache there.
  • Fixed GPU performance error for Adobe Illustrator.
    • I’ve configured the default user profile to disable this feature and stop prompting the user.
  • Removed the Java update application from the run key in the registry. This should stop the update notifications.
  • Applied Windows updates.
  • Applied Ninite updates.
  • Applied Adobe CC updates.

Newly installed applications (by request):

  • TeXnicCenter
  • MiKTeX
  • MPlus
  • Eclipse IDE

Applications removed:

  • Winsent Innocenti