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CN Appointments and Service Desk Staff Schedule

Please read for some important updates on appointment scheduling and staff mentoring schedules.

If you are scheduling an appointment for another person, the following people have time available for Spring term:

  • Ken Howard
  • Steven Tom
  • Robin Castle
  • Jeff Bonnichsen
  • Max Schmidt
  • Zach Colbert
  • Vu Le
  • Mack Powers

As before, only schedule them during their available times. In particular, please be careful to only schedule student techs during times their calendars show as available for appointments.

If an on-site visit is needed in an emergency, please check in with Max Cohen or a call mentor to see if you can go on-site to assist the customer. If we have sufficient coverage for calls and walk-up at that time, and you are sufficiently trained to address that type of issue, we can accommodate emergency on-site visits in this way.

Steven Tom is helping to prepare more back-packs with supplies for on-site visits.

The Service Desk mentoring schedule for Spring term is as follows:

  • Walkup Mentor
    • 8:00-12:00 Jeff
    • 12:00-1:00 Keenan
    • 1:00-5:00 Pat
    • Backups: Keenan, David
  • Call Mentor
    • 8:00-12:00 Nephele, Robin
    • 12:00-1:00 Nephele
    • 1:00-5:00 Ken, Steven
  • Builds Mentor
    • 8:00-1:00 David
    • 2:00-5:00 Nephele
  • CN Accounts
    • 8:00-12:00 Keenan, Pat
    • 2:00-5:00 David, Keenan
  • CN Scheduled Appointments
    • 8:30-12:00 Ken, Steven
    • 1:00-4:30 Jeff, Robin

The basic responsibilities for the staff roles are defined in the Service Desk guide here: https://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=23358#12.0


Location of Customer Equipment: Power Adapters


Recently I sent an update about the location of power adapters during a CN build for a new laptop. I said the adapters go with the computer, but it turns out that is only true some of the time.

We actually have a number of adapters (particularly for Dell). If the adapter matches one we already have, the customer’s adapter will stay with the shipping boxes and not go with the laptop during the build. This is to avoid mixing up customer adapters with our own.

I have updated our documentation to indicate that the adapter may be with the computer or with the shipping boxes: Service Desk Guide 11.0 Recommendations and Purchasing

Note: We need to make sure the location of all customer equipment is clearly indicated in the ticket. I am working on updating TeamDynamix to make this clearer. More on this soon.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Service Desk Digest 11/8/2016

TeamDynamix Reminder

Reminder that on the evening of Tuesday, 11/15, we will be migrating all open tickets in the following Coho queues to TeamDynamix. Starting Wednesday morning (11/16), all new tickets and ticket updates will happen in TeamDynamix.

Coho queues being cut-over to TD for 11/16:

  • CN Accounts
  • CN Base
  • CN Recommendations
  • CN Build Bench
  • CN Remote
  • Campus Labs Support
  • OCH Walk Up
  • Server Support

Know Thy Customer

Chris Sinnett put together a diagram of all Community Network customer departments by organizational chart. A copy of this can be found on the poster outside my cube. Please send additions or corrections to Chris as we will be printing a couple more of these.

Skype for Business for Mac Client

CJ has added a package for the new Skype Mac client on Casper Self-Service. It will replace the existing Lync client.

Please send any feedback to Kirsten and CJ.

OSU Cascades IT Manager Position Open

IS Client Services is recruiting a new IT manager position for the team out at OSU Cascades in Bend, Oregon. The position closes in early December.


Veterans’ Day is This Friday

Don’t come to work (or class) this Friday, November 11 – it’s a holiday and the university is closed.

Service Desk Help Form Changes

There is a form on the IS Service Desk site that allows customers to create a ticket in our queue. Previously the subject line was a generic “Helpform submission” type of text.

I have modified the form to include a required Title field, which will be the subject line on the ticket.

FYI, unlike Coho, TeamDynamix will allow us to change a ticket title after it has been created. Still, I thought this change would be beneficial in providing more descriptive ticket titles to facilitate queue triage.

I also changed the email target on the form from osucomputerhelpdesk@oregonstate.edu to service.desk@oregonstate.edu.

Enhanced Classrooms

The list of classrooms supported by Classroom Technology Services can be found here: http://is.oregonstate.edu/service/classroom-technology

Each enhanced classroom has a phone in it that dials the Presentation Support team.

If we receive a call from one of these classrooms, it is okay to do a warm transfer to Presentation Support. They can be reached at 73806.

Service InfoSheet in ITKnows is in progress: http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=9570

macOS Sierra Status

The new macOS Sierra is currently in “Early Adopter/Not Recommended” phase for CN customers, per our OS Life Cycle: http://is.oregonstate.edu/cn/operating-system-life-cycle-information

On 11/4, all CN customers were notified of this status.

CJ has built an image for Sierra, and he and James Dudzik are in the process of testing it on various hardware.

Todd has documented known issues and resolutions/work-arounds for Sierra in the Apple OS Reference Guide in ITKnows.

A customer-facing document for known issues in Sierra can be found here: http://oregonstate.edu/helpdocs/faq/macos-sierra-known-issues-and-work-arounds

Although we are not recommending Sierra at this time, CN customers are welcome to upgrade if they want to. Please make sure they know to do a backup first, and make sure they are aware of the known issues. We should also set the expectation that our support will be “best effort” as we are not yet very familiar with Sierra.

Please note that the above information applies to CN customers/machines. Service Desk support of operating systems for personal devices is already “best effort” only.

CN computer intake location


For CN computers destined for the build bench, the intake/drop-off location is now the grey cabinets at the West end of the long corridor outside Andrew’s office (end closest to the door).

A sticker should be added to each computer including the following information:

  • Ticket #
  • Customer Name
  • Date dropped off

If a computer is too large to fit in the cabinet, it can be placed on the floor next to the cabinets or across the walkway. For large shipments of computers that won’t fit by the cabinets, they can be stored in the old Bench office – please notify Samuel and Jeff if this is the case.

This is ONLY for CN computers, not personal devices.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this change.

NOTE: the intake location for Extension computers is still the Ballard office.

Service Desk Digest 9/26/2016

Welcome to the start of a new school year!

There is a lot going on. I will do my best to capture the most important updates.

As a reminder: if you are ever wondering about the status of something, please ask me. When I get questions, it reminds me to put it in the digest and share the information with everyone.

Milne Computer Lab Staffing and Support

We were not planning to staff the lab this fall, and the building was supposed to be getting locked outside of Service Desk hours. However, we do not have everything in place to make this work yet. For now, we will be staffing the computer lab, but only during hours when no one is at the Service Desk.

During Service Desk hours, customers may pick up the phone at the desk downstairs and they will ring the call center in 213. If the customer needs help in the lab, we can dispatch someone from the walk-up – please ask in #sd-walkup on Slack. If no one in walk-up is available, we can send someone from the call center to help.

Please NOTE: Client Services supports the computer labs. If it helps, please think of them as CN-supported computers. The customers may not be CN customers, but the computers are ours to manage and support. We have admin access to the computers in the labs, and should create tickets in the Campus Labs queue in Coho for any software or hardware issues we cannot address. Issues in the computer classrooms are higher priority than those in the drop-in lab area as they have the potential to impact instruction.

I’m working on cleaning up lab documentation in ITKnows. For now, please familiarize yourself with at least the following: http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=5982

Changes for IT Support for Dixon Rec, MU, SEC and Cultural Centers

Guy Boulanger was the previous DCA for MU and Dixon Rec departments. He is leaving OSU, but will continue to work part time for the university for a bit.

Some of these groups are being supported by department IT, some will shift to Housing IT under Chris White, and some have come on to CN service.

Dixon Rec – Andrew Struthers (millisa) is their IT contact.

MU, ASOSU, SEC (not DCE) – For now support contacts are as follows:

  • Phone: 71193 (students staffing this and Guy part time for a little while)
  • Email: stuadmin@oregonstate.edu

DCE (a.k.a Cultural Centers) – This group used to be supported by Guy and is coming on to CN support, but have not been onboarded yet. Todd Soli is working on that this week.

AABC – Part of this group used to be supported by Guy and has come on to CN support, but have not been added to Inventory yet. Their student worker accounts will be moved from FS_Mail to CN.

Chris also let me know that his team are hiring two new ITCs – one for Housing and one for Guy’s former customers. Both will report to Chris White and the team will cross-train with each other.

I will be meeting with Chris White in a week or so (once the term has settled down) to nail down good documentation on our side of who does what in their team. For now, please be aware that what RefTool shows for support contact may not be correct for the groups listed above.

Know Thy Customer

If the customer you are helping is a Community Network (CN) customer, you should know that we provide a different level of service to these individuals.

Always look the customer up in RefTool and check the “Support Team” field. If it says Community Network, you need to be aware of the following:

  • We provide desktop support and computer consulting to this customer. Avoid referring them elsewhere unless you are 100% sure that is appropriate.
  • We have responsibility for the good working order and security of the customer’s computer, printer and peripheral devices and will help coordinate with Telecom on network issues.
  • A ticket for a CN customer should not be closed until the problem is resolved. Escalate to management if you are not sure what to do.
  • Some CN customers are in remote offices and there are special workflows with respect to network troubleshooting, computer builds and ordering hardware. Talk to Max if you are not sure about this.
  • We support the person and their computer(s).

Community Network customers pay for contracted desktop support from Client Services, and we need to make sure we are providing the level of service they expect. If you are ever not sure how to handle an interaction with a CN customer, please seek advice from a full-time staff member.

Service Desk Digest 9/2/2016


Reminder: the Box soft launch is September 7, 2016. Students and employees will be receiving emails about the launch, and may follow up with us if they have questions.

New CN Customers: AABC and Cultural Centers

We are in the process of on-boarding some new customers in AABC and the Cultural Centers to Community Network service. Their current DCA is Guy Boulanger, and the projects team are working with him on the transition of admin privileges.

A local admin password for the AABC computers can be found in KeePass (search for “AABC”). Also, all CN field techs and Client Services full-time staff have access to zone.mu in Cyder now.

Until on-boarding is complete: If you get a request from an AABC or Cultural Center customer, do your best to help them. If you run into permissions or access issues that prevent assisting the customer, please let me know.

More information to come.

Know Thy Customer

You can learn about the County Extension sites by visiting http://extension.oregonstate.edu.

Baker County Extension is located in Baker City, in the North-East corner of the state. There are 6 Community Network customers at the site. Carole Smith is the regional administrator, and Jayne Kellar is the office manager and CN LRP.  In the past year, we have had 38 tickets from Baker County Extension.

Learn more about Baker County Extension on their website.


Customer Service Tips

A few customers have complained recently about being kept on hold for a long time, or being put on hold without being told first. Please remember to treat customers as you would like to be treated: tell them when you are going to put them on hold and ask if that is okay. If you are going to be more than a couple of minutes, tell them that. They may want to ask you to call them back later instead. They may not want to be stuck on the phone for a long time while you research a problem.

Related: you should exhaust all resources you can to solve a problem or answer a question, BUT it is also okay to tell the customer you or another tech will get back to them later. If you are completely lost and can’t find any documentation or someone who knows what to do, the problem needs to be escalated to the call mentor on duty, to Max Cohen, or to another full time tech.

Labor Day

Monday is a holiday. The university is closed. Don’t come to work!

Metrics and Feedback

I haven’t had time to put metrics together lately. Also, I’ve had a bit of a rethink about what I want to collect and report on. So, no metrics for you all this time, but I would like to share the following customer survey comments from this week:

“Had to spend some time to figure out what was wrong. Was very polite and finally able to fix the problem and get it fixed.”

“Job well done. Tech had excellent patience and was not in a hurry to get through my requests.”

“talk a little louder, hard to hear you sometimes”

“Problem got fixed in a timely matter.”

“Russ Born was very patient with this vexing problem and he didn’t give up until it was fixed.”

“It was a simple fix but really helpful to have your service readily available.”

“Very quick response and solution!”

“The technician who helped me was wonderful but it took over 2 weeks for a response from the folks that they refered me to. This posed some inconvenience for my job. But I want to reiterate., the technician who initially helped me and continued to follow up with me once you outsourced by issue was wonderful!”

“Vu was fast and knowledgeable. He solved the problem.”

“Excellent assistance and he gave me a different option to use – very friendly!”

“Steven was awesome. He was very thorough and made sure all was well before he left. He also gave me a few tips unrelated that will save me time in future. Thanks a million!!!”

“They resolved the issue that our entire class was experiencing in an expedited fashion”

“Max Cohen and his team went out of their way to accommodate our time critical and complicated requests. As a result, our out of state employees are well equipped for another year recruiting the next class for OSU.”

“Give Josh 2 hours paid lunch every day and a 15% pay increase. He’s the man.”

“It would be helpful if they would have let me know they were going to put me on hold.”

“Was able to get the problem fixed.”

“Great Job!!!”

“I am very impressed with Kirsten Petersen’s attention to my computer issues. In this case, she was responsible for Jon Dowd contacting me. Jon explained wonderfully what was going on and gave me a few solutions. I now understand something that had been bugging me for a while. Thank you very much, Jon and Kirsten.” (Gosh, I never get one of these!)

“Wonderful! Came to my office quickly ( as the issue could not be resolved over the phone).”

“Many Thanks!!!!”

“He was very patient with me”

“No suggestions – the tech was helpful as always!”

“No suggestions – the techs ROCK!”


“He was courteous and knowledgeable”

“I appreciated getting a very speedy resolution to my issue as I had to be on an important business meeting via google-hangouts and the technician made sure my equipement was set up properly.”

“Thank you!”

“My issue was resolved very quickly. Thanks!”

Box Training – Mandatory Fun

Most of you should have received an invitation to access OSU’s Box instance. We now have access for all of us to do the helpdesk training. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Login at http://oregonstate.box.com
  2. Then, go to http://training.box.com
  3. If prompted to login, choose “Login with Box” and enter your OSU credentials (username@oregonstate.edu)
  4. Follow this link to view the training – you will need to allow pop-ups
  5. The training should take about 30-60 minutes to complete
  6. Please edit this Box document and add a note about an item you think would be good to include in Box documentation or an FAQ.

Everyone needs to complete Box training by Friday, August 12. As a reminder, Box will be available for all students and employees at the start of fall term.

More useful Box documentation can be found here:



Service Desk Digest 7/21/2016


I am working on getting Service Desk technicians access to Box so that you can see what it looks like before it is implemented to campus in the Fall. More on this soon.

The Box community site provides a great deal of user-friendly documentation.  Jade is currently working on an end-user HelpDoc, and we will be documenting some known issues soon.

Interviews for Extension Customers

In an effort to improve consistency, Ken Howard will be handling all computer interviews for Extension and AES customers for now. Lisa Gillis will assign the tickets to Ken.

If you see an Extension/AES interview ticket in the queue, please do the following:

  • Set Ken Howard as Responsible
  • Set the status to “In progress”
  • Set the target date out 2 business days

If an Extension/AES customer calls in for an interview, please complete the interview via Build Tracker and then assign the ticket to Ken per the above.

Changes coming this Summer

Some of you may have heard about some organizational changes that our director Andrew Wheeler announced at the managers meeting this week. All full-time staff were invited although not quite everyone was able to attend. For student workers, this should not impact you greatly, but I encourage you to talk to your supervisor or manager if you have any concerns.

The intent of these changes is to help clarify roles within the Service Desk.

As a reminder, when we are done implementing the Service Desk, the following will be true:

  • We will have a single phone/email point-of-contact for all services provided by Client Services (mostly done).
  • Everyone will be able to get support at the walk-up, including Community Network customers with OSU machines.
  • We will likely share tools for imaging machines.
  • All students will clock hours against a single job.
  • We will share one set of training materials and documentation.
  • We will provide excellent service to our customers!

Communicating with CN customers

The customer survey went out today. I will close it on Tuesday, July 26, and should be able to include some results in the next issue of this digest.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

I sent a survey out to everyone currently working Call Center, Field and Bench. I am not quite ready to share the results of that survey, but I will do so soon. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

Something Fun

I would still like to start up a weekly or bi-monthly game night, but I need a volunteer to help coordinate. Maybe we should make Jeff do it? He’s cheerful, right?

Service Desk Stats

Weekly Stats for 7/11/2016-7/15/2016

  • Inbound Calls: 635
  • Outbound Calls: 178
  • Appointments: 78
  • Computers built: 36
  • Tickets created: 661
  • Tickets processed same day: 76%
  • Cascades jobs: 103
  • Surveys: 31
  • Average survey score: 4.7 out of 5

Know Thy Customer

Dr. Janine Trempy has been appointed the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Dr. Trempy is a professor in the Microbiology department and has been at OSU for 27 years. You can read about some of her research in Terra.