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CN Customer service survey – active July 2, 2015

The customer service survey on COHO tickets is now active for Community Network.

Many thanks to David Williams for creating and helping the management team refine the survey.

Process change – As of today, July 2, 2015 – All tickets you oreviously set to CLOSED SUCCESSFUL – Now set to “Callback – Automatic”

More details


  • Gather customer feedback about CN and on specific tasks/requests from CN customers.
  • This is one method we need to use to gather feedback from customers.
  • This aligns/standardizes the ticket processes between CN, OCH and Service Desk

When is the survey sent?

  • On every ticket that is put into Callback – automatic status.
    • That ticket is then put into Closed Successful status

What queues does this impact?

  • CN Accounts
  • CN Base
  • Base escalation
  • CN Recommendations
  • CN Projects
  • CN Remote
  • Cascades
  • Dowd-CAPS

The message text and survey is below

The Community Network (CN) is following up with your request. Our records indicate this request has been resolved or we are awaiting further information from you. If you feel we are in error, or need to provide additional information for us to assist you, please use one of the methods at the bottom of this e-mail to contact CN.

All the best!


Please help us improve our service by taking this short, optional online survey: