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Call Center Digest 1/22/2016

Things to Know:

  • Java prompts when starting Banner INB: Customers might be seeing a “Do you want to run this application” prompt when running Banner. It is safe to accept these prompts; they are a side-effect of periodic security updates on the server.
  • CN-Share file corruption status: Research and INTO are almost done, but there are some continuing issues restoring some files with long file names. The corruption was caused by a ransomware virus, probably received as an attachment posing as a scan document by 3 people in HR, INTO and Research.
  • Call Center emergency announcement instructions: I have posted a document to ITKnows about how to set or remove the emergency announcement that plays when people call 78787 or 73474. We set this when there is an unexpected closure, or a widespread outage causing a high number of calls. Usually a manager will set the announcement, but I felt it was reasonable to share this information with the team.


Some stats:

We took a ridiculous number of calls in our modest little call center this week. On Tuesday, 1/19, we processed a total of 563 calls (I’m including drops), created 172 tickets, and closed 264 tickets. Wednesday was also pretty busy with 399 total calls, 220 tickets created and 88 tickets closed.

This week we had staff shortages, a network outage, share file corruption, and a backlog of tickets we fought our way through. In the midst of all that, we received 15 survey results, the vast majority of which were very positive (one person complained about the ONID website).

Folks, that’s a job well-done.