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New email address and utilizing out-of-order laminated forms:

Escalating Lab Computer & Printing issues

When working with customers on questions you cannot solve or need to involve Endpoint Management Team please do the following:

  1. Gather pertinent details:
  • ONID username
  • Computer Name
  • Day and time
  • Specific details about what the customer is trying to do
    • Example – Customer wants to use Photoshop, but it is not available
  • Exact error message (if any) displayed
    • Take pictures if possible
  • Type of computer – (Apple or Dell)
  • Operating system – (Windows or OS X)
  • Any troubleshooting you have already done

2.  Reporting issue:

  • Email (phone: 7-3474) to create a ticket
    • Include pertinent details from step 1
  • (If necessary) Fill out out-of-order form (using dry erase marker) and attach to equipment
  • OCH will escalate ticket to Endpoint Team if needed.

3.  Work with Endpoint Team on a resolution to deliver that information to the customer

Team Oregon Network Migrated

We have successfully moved the Team OR network over to the new ASA configuration.  Everything is running off the Comcast data router now.   Telecom is going to terminate the Comcast circuit that was carrying voice (10mb), and up the data circuit from 75mb to 100mb after 1 week has set in.

New IP range for Team OR:  zone.hhs ( –

Customers at Team OR will no longer require VPN to access OSU network shares.  If they are on VPN, they also will not be able to print to the Team OR network printers.