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Milne computer lab updates – Week of October 12th, 2015

The computers in the Milne computer lab have been updated.

All Windows and Apple machines in the main lab and the 3 computer classrooms.


  1. Added local startup policy to install ScreenConnect. This process ensures that a unique session is created each startup.
    • ScreenConnect is software used by Community Network and the OSU Computer Helpdesk to remote into computers.
  2. Installed WebEx
  3. Added local admin account: Support
    • This is the standard CN admin account.
    • Bench staff can help elevate privileges as necessary
      • Be aware the lab images refresh/revert when someone logs off/restarts a computer.


  • All Apple machines are utilizing the same image/build now.

If you encounter issues, please follow the process here-

SCF – reporting/escalating lab issues

SCF crew,

Escalating lab/machine issues

When working with customers on questions you can’t solve or need to involve the Endpoint Management Team (Richard Turk, James Dudzik, Jim Galloway, Chris Evans, Jason Appah, Nathan Power) please do the following.

  1. Gather pertinent details about the customer
    1. ONID username
    2. Computer name
    3. Specific details about what the customer is trying to do
      1. Example – Customer wants to use Photoshop, but it is not available on the computer.
    4. Exact error message if any is displayed
      1. Take pictures if possible
    5. Type of computer – Apple / Dell
    6. Which operating system the customer was using
      1. Windows or OS X
  2. Send an e-mail with those details to–
  3. Work with the Endpoint team on a resolution deliver that information to the customer

Canvas Support Tips

We are getting more requests about Canvas now. Here are some reminders to help you with these requests.

Canvas Login:

Best way to get to the Canvas login: Go to the OSU home page, click on “Online Services” and click on the big, happy Canvas button. Canvas is CAS-based auth, so you will be directed to the CAS page (unless you are already logged in to CAS).

If people can’t login, they should contact OCH for help.

For most other questions, customers should click on the “Help” link in the upper-right corner within Canvas to get help from Instructure. If they submit a ticket there, or use the online chat for support, the OSU Canvas team will be able to see that information.

If OCH and Instructure can’t help, we escalate to the OSU Canvas team:

When escalating, please include username, course/section number, and problem description.