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Team Oregon Network Migrated

We have successfully moved the Team OR network over to the new ASA configuration.  Everything is running off the Comcast data router now.   Telecom is going to terminate the Comcast circuit that was carrying voice (10mb), and up the data circuit from 75mb to 100mb after 1 week has set in.

New IP range for Team OR:  zone.hhs ( –

Customers at Team OR will no longer require VPN to access OSU network shares.  If they are on VPN, they also will not be able to print to the Team OR network printers.

Change to Cleanup Scripts

Both the Windows 7 and 8 cleanup scripts are now located on the root of C:\. In order to make the Win8 script function properly, please move the User Account Control slider all the way down and restart prior to running cleanup. Be sure to re-enable it afterwards.

After running either script, please delete cleanup.bat, power.bat, and the scripts folder from the root of C:\.

Bench Printer Driver Repository

By now everyone should be aware that all printers need to be installed using the model specific PCL 6 drivers. We are no longer using universal print drivers unless they are the only option.

To help make printer installation more efficient I have put together a printer driver repository at:

\\tss-softstore\Utilities\_Bench Printer Drivers

Whenever you install a printer’s drivers, check there first. If you do not see the drivers for your printer model there, please add them in.

Hopefully this will make our lives easier in the long run. Thanks!

Notice – OWA Planned Upgrade

via Jason Appah

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App so you all are aware and prepared for when it happens. The log in page will be changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style:
OWA upgrade login
The log in form works exactly the same. You may either use your Domain\user or to log in. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page will also be updated when this change is made, and will include screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Currently the plan is to push this change out on February 15th, at about 10:00PM.

Policy Change – OSU Secure

On Tuesday, February 3rd at 5pm, a TSS domain-wide policy for OSU_Secure wireless will be deployed. What this does is create a wireless profile for OSU_Secure, sets it as the default profile and makes it available prior to Windows logon. Users will have the option to switch to OSU_Access if needed. OSU Extension has been excluded from this change due to potential issues with older access points. Additionally, Microsoft Surface tablets will be excluded from this change due to issues with wireless drivers that do notproperly support Cisco PEAP authentication.

See the link for documentation and troubleshooting details: OSU_Secure GPO Information

Policy Change – WIMs on Computers

The Bench team is no longer placing the entire WIM on the user’s computer. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Space – WIM files get excessively huge and take up a considerable amount of hard drive space.
  • SCEP – SCEP has issues and will commonly break/fail/time out when it tries to scan the WIM file.
  • Time – We can save an incredible amount of time by not copying the file over.
  • Access – With our new DISM based capture process, a user needs the beta version of 7z to access the WIM. Since this is not a standard application on the machine, having a WIM on a computer that can’t access it makes no sense.

So what will be in CN Backup?

  • User Profile(s) associated with whom the machine is for.
  • Non-standard folders located on the root of C:\
  • Data Warehouse files when they are identified.

What happens if a computer is placed and there are additional files that are needed?

  • Call the Bench and have them place the file(s) in a location to transfer them to the user.

As a final reminder, we keep all backups for 30 days after the ticket is closed out. Once a month, on average, I go through or stored backups and clean them up.

If for some reason a backup needs to be held onto for an extended period of time, please let a Bench time member know this so that they can tag the backup as “Keep”.  All backups marked this way are then held onto for 9 months, at which time they are reviewed to determine if they need to be kept longer.

Mac/Casper Self Service up and running!

These are the basic instructions for logging in to Self Service

• On your Mac, open the Applications folder.
• Find the Self Service App and double click on it.
• A login page will pop up; log in using your ONID credentials
o Do not put ONID\ in front of your username; Casper does not accept domain qualifications on user names.
• Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the landing page. “Featured downloads” are displayed here.
• Browse available categories of downloads on the right hand side of the window.

If you want to enable a user to download any of the Creative Cloud suite, they need to be added to the static group “CN – Self Service – Eligible for Creative Cloud 2014”.