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UPN changes for students – impact on Office 365


The student UPNs will be changing on September 12 from to This has some specific impacts on Office 365. Please read – I anticipate a large number of calls. 

  1. The way they login to Office 365 will change. When you help a new user login for the first time, please make them aware of the change happening on September 12.
  1. Connections from Office and OneNote to files in their OneDrive will break. The symptom of this problem will generally be a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the Office or OneNote apps. The solution is to repoint to I will verify that we have a help doc on this issue.
  1. Links to shared files will break. The resolution to this is to re-share the files. This may impact College of Business students more than others as they use these features more. They can also get help from the COB helpdesk.

-Kirsten Petersen, IT Manager
Information Services, Oregon State University

From: [] on behalf of Lomax, Erica L []
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 17:46
To: DCA All
Subject: [DCA-All] 9/12 – Login changes to Google and Student UPN changes

On Saturday, September 12 starting at 8am the IAM team will be making changes to the logins and email addresses at Google for all users, student Active Directory User Principal Names (UPN), student primary email addresses, and UPN updates for a subset of other users.  It is anticipated that the set of changes will take approximately 12 hours on that date.


A summary of what is changing is as follows

o   If a graduate student account is pending unification and the UPN has already been assigned to the non-ONID account, no account update will occur.

  • UPN on ONID accounts for Employee & Associates that are located in the ONID OU in AD and do NOT have an existing identity match (PIDM) will be set to

If you would like a copy of your domain/OU’s users and their current identity match (PIDM) status, please send an email to IAMTeam and let us know what domain or OU and we will provide you with a file.  It will contain the user, their non-ONID domain account and matching ONID account, if matched. You can use this file to fill in the missing ONID matches and return it to us to update AD with the matches.


Helpdocs are under development about the impacts to end users.  There will be email messages sent to the users via inform lists regarding the changes.


Please let us know if you have questions.



Erica Lomax

Director, Identity and Access

Information Services | Oregon State University

P: 541-737-3619


Print server implementation for Financial Aid

CN Financial Aid Customers,

Telecom will be expanding the network space you currently reside in to accommodate more workstations and printers in Kerr. Additionally, the Community Network will be migrating your printers to our print server and deploying new printer configurations to your workstations.

When: Tonight, starting after 5:00 PM

What do I need to do?

Please leave your computer turned on and logged off; the easiest way to do this is to simply restart your computer before you leave for the day. Note that your first login after the migration might be slow as the new printer configs take effect.

Services affected:

– All CN supported computers running Windows or Windows Virtual Machine software.

– All networked printers.

How is printing going to change?

– Your printers will still be available to you as before but will show up differently (see attached image).

– You may need to select a new default printer and reconfigure your printing preferences.

– Printers will no longer be manually installed. If there’s a change to existing printers or new printers are added, only the print server needs to be updated and everyone will automatically get the change.

Community Network technicians will be available on-site tomorrow morning to address any issues or questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience while we apply these changes.

Your CN Management Team:  Scott Emery, Lucas Turpin, Lucas Friedrichsen, Chris Sinnett

Community Network
Oregon State University
(541) 737-8787

OCH Call Center – customer service survey change

Heads up

Jade has been working to change the OCH customer service survey. Thanks Jade!

That is complete now and has been implemented. The items in italics are what changed.

The new message for the

“This is a follow-up to the request you submitted to the OSU Computer Helpdesk. We believe your issue has been resolved, or we have not received a response from you for additional requested information.

If we are incorrect please use one of the methods below to let us know.

Please help us improve our service by taking this short, optional online survey:


Follow-Up – Student Worker P: drives

After further discussion, the decision has been made to not provide Home folders to student workers as standard practice.  Departments can request a Home folder for a student worker, but they need to be aware that they will be charged for the storage space.  Work is currently underway to clean up existing P: drives; these will be addressed individually with the owning departments by the Accounts team.

Moving forward, any student worker account that does need a Home folder will need to have Exchange Attribute 7 set to “StudentHomeFolder.”  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Campus MATLAB Site License

The University has purchased a campus site license for Mathwork’s MATLAB software, including MATLAB, Simulink, and a number of other software packages as well as more than 50 toolboxes. The software is now available at no cost to faculty, staff and students for use in instruction and non-commercial research, and it can be installed on university-owned or personal computers

Notice – OWA Planned Upgrade

via Jason Appah

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App so you all are aware and prepared for when it happens. The log in page will be changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style:
OWA upgrade login
The log in form works exactly the same. You may either use your Domain\user or to log in. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page will also be updated when this change is made, and will include screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Currently the plan is to push this change out on February 15th, at about 10:00PM.