Escalating to CX Tier 2 Desktop Support

If you haven’t heard, we are splitting up our workload into tier 1 (Service Desk) and tier 2 (CX desktop support). For CX-supported customers/computers we now have the option to escalate to a dedicated tier 2 team who can handle more advanced troubleshoots and in-office appointments.

The Service Desk will continue to be the first point-of-contact for customers.

The CX Tier 2 Desktop Support team are housed in the basement of Strand Ag. The members of the team are documented here:

In TeamDynamix, they are: CX Tier 2 Desktop Support

In the Customer Experience team in Teams, you can notify the Desktop Support team by using the @tier2ds tag.

Please read the following KB for escalation instructions:

When escalating, please use the TeamDynamix template called “CX Tier 2 Desktop Support Escalation” and record the following information:

  • Who is the end-user?
  • What computer (or add the asset)?
  • Where are they located?
  • What symptoms/errors were seen?
  • What steps were tried?
  • Wireless or wired?

Please record as much information as you can during the first contact with the customer. This saves time and frustration for everyone later!

Q and A:

  • Q: Can I escalate questions about personal devices?
  • A: If the customer is a CX-supported customer using a personal device for work, this may be appropriate. If you’re not sure, ask in Teams.
  • Q: The customer is not a CX-supported customer; can I escalate their ticket to tier 2?
  • A: No. The tier 2 team is a premium service for CX-supported customers. (CX-supported customers are labeled as such in RefTool, usually. For a list, see:
  • Q: Can we still schedule in-office appointments as before?
  • A: Yes. Make sure to assign the ticket to the technician who has the appointment and use the “CX Tier 2 Desktop Support Escalation” template to capture the information the technician will need.
  • Q: I’ve been on the phone with the customer for a while and can’t think of anything to try – can I just escalate the ticket to tier 2?
  • A: Please try to exhaust all tier 1 resources first, including searching our knowledge base and asking for help on Teams. Please don’t “punt” customers to tier 2.
  • Q: Is there a phone number I can transfer calls to for tier 2?
  • A: No. Let the customer know you are making a ticket and escalating it, and that someone will get back to them shortly. Or, schedule an in-office appointment as appropriate.
  • Q: When should I schedule an in-office appointment versus assigning a ticket to tier 2 and letting them follow up to schedule?
  • A: Use good judgment. If the problem is pretty well-understood but requires on-site work (example: setting up a computer in someone’s office) scheduling an appointment makes sense. If the problem is “weird” and may require some research, let the customer know someone will get back to them about scheduling and reassign the ticket to tier 2. If the customer is calling in to make an appointment, of course make an appointment!
  • Q: Normally I would escalate this issue to IAM or Canvas or Office 365 teams. Should I still do that?
  • A: Yes. If there was already an established escalation path for that issue, please continue to use that. CX Tier 2 Desktop Support is more for general desktop support troubleshooting and questions, like software issues, network issues, printing issues, etc., and is for CX-supported customers only.
  • Q: Should I assign accounts issues to CX Tier 2?
  • A: No. Those still go to the CN Accounts team.
  • Q: Can we still dispatch a technician to someone’s office if they need urgent in-person help?
  • A: Yes! If you are working on-site in Milne, you can still go to a customer’s office if needed. You can also ask on Teams (use tag @tier2ds) if anyone from the tier 2 team is available.
  • Q: I have other questions.
  • A: Please ask Kirsten or Lori on Teams. Thanks!