Service Desk Digest 8/16/2021

Ray Hall

OSU-Cascades in Bend has a new building: Edward J Ray Hall.

Customers will start moving into the building this week, and we may get some IT questions. If you need to escalate something to our on-site IT team, please review the OSU-Cascades IT escalation instructions:

Mac Updates

Starting the evening of Tuesday, August 17, the Endpoint team will be re-enabling application and OS updates for Macs managed by Community Network. This does not include OS upgrades, nor Office version upgrades. If there are any concerns or issues, please contact James Dudzik or ask in the “Endpoint and Labs” channel in Teams:

Cosine Transition Update

We will be transitioning points-of-contact for IT support for Cosine customers on Thursday, August 26. This will include moving email, phone, and in-person support to Service Desk. Cosine customers will be notified of this change this week. If customers have concerns, you can ask Andrew Wheeler to contact them.

For general questions about Cosine issues, please ask in the SD Internal Talk channel. The Cosine students are in the channel and can help! Devin and Robin are also great resources.

Note: new computer builds for Cosine customers should be done with the CN imaging process. New account setups for Cosine customers are going through the Service Desk form and process, with help from Mark Cohen for security group modifications.