Service Desk Blog 5/11/2021

Escalation Information in InfoSheets

When escalating a ticket, always check the Service Infosheet for that service first. Escalation can be done in one of three ways, depending on how that group uses the ticketing system. We either assign a task to another group, reassign the whole ticket, or notify the appropriate group via email on the ticket.

Because of this unfortunate complexity, I have documented the best way to escalate a ticket in each of the service infosheets. You can usually find an infosheet by searching the KB for the service name and the word “infosheet”.

The Infosheets also cover other important details, so please check them out!

Outage and Maintenance Tickets

Please check the Outage and Maintenance ticket report at the start of each shift. The report includes parent tickets for ongoing issues or potential issues that we should be aware of. Often the parent tickets will have instructions about how to resolve an issue, or what information to collect from the customer. The report is linked to the default “Desktop” app in TeamDynamix and is also listed in RefTool under Documentation-> Outage and Maintenance Tickets.

You may also find it helpful to check the page for current and past outage information.

Recent Customer Feedback

Here are some recent responses from customers on our ticket survey. These are all just from the past week. Keep up the great work, team! Our campus appreciates you.

“staff I work with at the service desk are always positive and helpful”

“As always great service!”

“I spoke with two staff people on that morning because I was onsite trying to load outlook and slack. They were both very kind and helpful. Thanks for everything you all do everyday!!!”

“I received excellent and supportive support to resolve a computer start up issue. Issue has been resolved, and was done in a timely and professional manner. Thank you IS Desk!!”

“Good info and the fix worked ! Thanks”

“Service desk was contacted on May 3 at 2:39pm and by 5:00pm they had installed the Unity Client to the customers desktop.”

“Great service! Resolved my issue promptly and professionally. I really appreciate it!”

“Super helpful, knew exactly what my issue was and was able to fix it in minutes.”

“Staff helped by installing needed ShoWorks in a timely manner. He was very effective and efficient.”

“The response was quick and helpful, and all of my questions were answered”

“Fast, friendly, and got it installed correctly.”

“Super helpful regarding IT question. Staff was able to give me a solution in the moment. He then went the extra mile and followed up through email with an alterative solution for me to try. Thank you! I really appreciated the help.”

“The CN staff are very professional and helpful.”

“Only needed the one call to resolve, very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you! “

“Meanwhile, during my last 9 years and 4 months of working in the Myrtle Point Extension office, I always felt extreeeeemly grateful for the help and support of your team!”

“Justin Vaughn was very helpful. He took care of my questions and concerns about my laptop computer.”

“Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. No complaints.”

“staff was very quick and responsive to emails / calls. they were very helpful. thank you.”

“Very much appreciate the time and care taken to resolve this issue. Thank you!”

“Thanks for help Charlene”

“The staff at the service desk was very polite and was thorough in taking note of the issue with internet connectivity. I felt like I was being heard, and I appreciated their help. The problem was fixed in a timely fashion.”

“Very helpful and supportive! Patient and understanding…and the outcome was positive!”

“Tim was patient and willing to help the best he could. My issue was strange and we both were a little confused. However, Tim solved the issue with ease. Amazing service. 10/10. Give them a sticker. Awesome job!”

“Very quick and courteous response to my request, remedy suggested was the answer!”

“Knowledgeable, helpful, and reached out multiple times to ensure I had all the information I needed. Much appreciated!”

“Both service and staff were amazing. Able to do what I need it”

“Really quick, knowledgeable help. Made the whole deal a lot less stressful”

“I called late right before 5 on a Friday…he had a great attitude and helped me so quickly.”