Service Desk Blog 4/19/2021

Welcome New Team Members!

I neglected to send out a welcome to our Fall 2020 new hires, so let’s start there:

  • Madeline Acherman
  • Jawad Alamgir
  • Zach Breazile
  • Troy Cobos
  • Nick Dickens
  • Tim Gonzales
  • Derek Grose
  • Andrew LeClaire
  • Emmanuel Moncada
  • Sameen Shahzad
  • Andrew Vester
  • Miles Wineland
  • Ricardo Wu

And welcome to our new Spring 2021 hires:

  • Matt Chiasson
  • Nitya Patil
  • Julien Plomion
  • Axel Pothier
  • Colston Warne
  • Kitrick “Kit” Miller
  • Marco Predovic
  • Daksh Viradiya
  • Noah Chung
  • Eli DeJack
  • Justin Kiernan
  • Ahmad Rafique


We had a few students leave us recently. Please join me in wishing them well on their next adventures.

  • Clayton Irish
  • Matt Sleeper
  • Cole Lingo

Thank you for being part of our team! We will miss you.

Spring Term Items

We are in the process of planning the Spring Term student meeting. If you have suggested topics for the meeting, please let Kirsten or Max know, or contact one of the student leads.

If you are graduating this year, please remember to do a FERPA release if you want a supervisor to respond to reference calls for you. You can also contact Max, Kirsten, or Andrew for help with your resume, cover letters, or to ask for a letter of recommendation. I also recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile – Max or I can add you to our LinkedIn group where current and former CX employees share job postings. It’s a great way to stay connected.


Verify ID when resetting a CN account password.
We need to make sure we are resetting the password for the right person, and not being socially engineered. The process is similar to Duo verification and is documented here: CN – Accounts – Administratively set a CN Password (Internal)

Only use ConnectWise when needed.
You should only be asking the customer to do a remote session when you need to see their screen. There are many requests for which this would not be needed, and we don’t want to waste the customer’s time. Always tell the customer why you want to do a remote session, and ask them if they are okay with doing that. Always ask before taking control of the remote session, and always tell the customer what you are doing as you do it.

Respect the customer’s time.
Know whether you are making forward progress in a call or not. Give the customer a rough idea of how long things will take so they know what to expect. If you are not sure, let them know that, too. If you are not making progress, seek help. Sometimes a referral may be needed, but make sure you are getting the customer to the right place and that they know why you are referring them elsewhere.

  • Case in point: A customer recently gave feedback that they spent 3 hours on the phone with us before we told them we couldn’t fix their issue because it wasn’t an OSU service. That is something we should know and address at the beginning of the call.

Involve instructor in course-specific troubleshooting.
We support Canvas from the technology side of things, but if a student or TA needs help that is specific to a course or assignment, they should probably talk to their instructor. For example, sometimes instructors post assignments incorrectly, and they are the only ones who can address that. We can email information – such as troubleshooting steps tried – to instructors if needed.

Ask yourself: could this be a warranty issue?
If you are helping a customer with a university-owned device that appears to be having hardware issues, please look up the service tag or serial to see whether it is under warranty. Part of the CN service includes helping coordinate warranty repair or replacements for customers. For computers at Extension sites, we can often have the vendor go on-site to do repairs, meaning the customer does not need to ship the computer to Milne. For more about CN warranty repair, see: CN – Hardware Warranty Repair Process (Internal)

Customer Feedback

The following are just a few of the comments we received on customer surveys last week:

“Quick and professional as always.”

“I appreciate all of the help I received as well as clarity in explanations and support services both on the phone and online. Thank you!”

“Very helpful and it did not take too long to get the issue resolved.”

“Many thanks to Mr. Burks, who was very patient with my questions and helped me learn some things.”

“It took a 2 phone calls to complete the requested help, but both techs were extremely helpful and kind to work with! Thank you!”

“Your team was great at walking me through the problem and guiding me to a solution. I was also impressed at how quickly they were attentive to my request. Good work.”

Keep up the great work, everyone!

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