Please Install Sentry GateKeeper for E911

You may recall that Telecom asked us recently to test out the Sentry Gatekeeper software for e911 with soft phones. (See:

If you haven’t installed this software yet, please do so for your own safety. Sentry Gatekeeper will allow you to set your current address and have it associated with your OSU softphone number.

Why do I need to install this?

When using the soft phone, your OSU phone number is associated by default with the OSU Corvallis location. The 911 system assumes that you are located on the OSU Corvallis campus, whether you are or not.  911 calls will be routed to the closest center to your location or assumed location. If you make a 911 call and are not able to communicate your actual location during the call, emergency services may not be able to find you.

The Gatekeeper application is available to all OSU softphone users to install on their OSU-owned or personal Windows computers.  We are requesting that users who have the softphone application installed also download, install, and configure the Gatekeeper application on that same system.  

Mac OS and other non-Windows users who rely on the softphone via Citrix can access the Sentry Gatekeeper application along with the Avaya One-X Communicator in the Citrix App store ( and look for the combined application.

If you can’t get the Sentry Gatekeeper to work on your personal computer, please contact Max Cohen; we can provide a computer for you to use for work.

How do I install Gatekeeper?

The application, license file, user install and configuration guide, and install video can be found here:  There is also a short video for Citrix users that demonstrates configuring Gatekeeper by launching the “Avaya One-X + Sentry Gatekeeper” app link using Citrix Workspace.

More information can be found along with the link above in knowledgebase article available here:

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