Service Desk Digest 1/22/2021

Local Accounts

The following article has important information about how to do first time login on loaners, checkout computers, and CN computers: Windows – First Time Login Remote

Most loaners and checkout computers should have the “OSUBeavers” local account on them.

CN computers should have a local administrator password listed in LAPS. They should also still have the “Supportremote” account (see Keeper) but note that it is not a local admin.

Escalation to AT Teams

The Academic Technology teams provide direct customer service for services such as Kaltura and Canvas. As such, they have asked that we escalate by reassigning tickets to their teams instead of doing task assignment.

To reassign a ticket in TeamDynamix, select “Actions” -> “Reassign…”

The service infosheets have been updated to reflect this change:

Milne Construction

The construction in Milne (including the addition of a bathroom on the main floor) is expected to be done by the end of February.

If you have questions about the project, please ask Max.

In-Person Appointments and Personal Device Support

A reminder: we are still providing in-person appointments and personal device support, but with some modifications and limitations.

As covered in the training, our support is still “remote first” meaning that we should do our best to help people via remote before making an appointment.

All in-person support is by appointment only, and all appointments should be made in Bookings. Please don’t give the Bookings link to customers – we are not quiet ready for that yet!

For personal devices, ask a senior tech for assistance before scheduling an appointment. They may have more ideas to suggest. Or, we may not want to bother having them bring the computer in if it’s unlikely we can fix it (e.g. in the case of serious hardware issues). We don’t want to waste the customer’s time or our own by having them bring in a device that is beyond our ability to repair.

If you need a refresher on appointments, please re-do the training: SD Scheduling During Covid

New VPN Client

There is a new Cisco AnyConnect client available in the downloads folder – version 4.9.05042.

The previous version has a vulnerability:

We don’t have a good way to push AnyConnect updates yet, so as you help customers, please make sure to check their AnyConnect version and help them update to the latest. Note that the install requires local admin privileges.

Kaltura Capture Issues: Suggest Zoom as Alternative

From Raul Burriel:

“We know that with the increase of distance learning, there’s been an increase in usage of the Kaltura Capture tool, but this also means more users having issues with the software. There are a number of variables at play here, including the user’s operating system and the version of Kaltura Capture. When a user does experience an issue, the immediate solution is to steer them to an alternate product and report the issue to Kaltura. OS, software version, and logs are helpful in reporting these issues to Kaltura. The product is supported by Kaltura and regular updates are released for the product. But since we can’t wait for a patch from the vendor, steering the user to alternate solutions – such as Zoom – will help get a user on their feet ASAP. “

Short version: if customer’s are having issues with Kaltura Capture, please make note of the relevant info and record that in the ticket for the Kaltura team. But to get the customer up-and-running, suggest they use Zoom for video recording.

Modifying Name in Zoom

From Carolyn:

“OSU is moving towards into a centralized display name that can be customized, providing the ability to provide preferences and pronouns that would be used throughout services like Zoom. Until that is in place we may disable the display name mapping and allow it to be customized. We should have an answer on this next week.”

For now, please see the work-around using the Zoom mobile app, where display name changes are still allowed: Zoom – Temporary Workaround for Editing Display Name in Zoom

CJIS Training and Fingerprinting

If you have not completed your CJIS training or fingerprinting, please do so ASAP. Let me or Max know if you have questions.

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