Service Desk Digest 1/19/2021

Expiration of Workstation Admin Account Passwords

For security reasons, the workstation admin (wa-) accounts expire every 90 days. Once they expire, getting back in requires intervention from another staff member. Folks who only login to their wa- account occasionally may not see a notice about the upcoming expiration.

To address that issue, we’re working on implementing a reminder script that will email you at your work and student email addresses when your password expiration date is coming up. For now, please note that you can check your account expiration date by looking it up in RefTool.

Police Department After-Hours On-Call Support

As of start of January 2021, Service Desk full-time staff are providing after-hours on-call support for the new OSU police department. The after-hours coverage is only for times when the Service Desk is closed; if Service Desk is open, dispatchers and officers should contact the Service Desk instead.

Please note that this on-call is only for the police department. It is being funded by the police department.

For more information, see: Service Desk After Hours On-Call for OSU Police Department

Office and Teams in CN Image

Up until now, the CN base image has still included Office 2016. This will be updated shortly to Office 365 or 2019 instead. We will be able to select one or the other during builds. Endpoint are working on this now. Office 365 is generally preferred unless the customer needs to use software that is not compatible with it.

Teams has not been included in the CN image because it is installed in the user profile and up until recently, we couldn’t install it before the user first logged in. However, Microsoft has provided a mechanism now that will allow us to ensure Teams is installed when the user first logs in. Endpoint are also currently working on getting this into the CN image.

If you have questions, please contact Jim Galloway.