Service Desk Digest 1/6/2021

ResNet Changes

OSU wireless is being added in the Gem, which has not had OSU wireless in the past. UHDS have been installing access points this week, so not all areas have coverage yet. The ResNet Service InfoSheet (Internal) has been updated to reflect this change.

In addition, UHDS are gradually moving residence halls to a different method for wired network registration. The process is slightly different for Tebeau, Halsell, Cauthorn, Dixon Lodge, Gem and Finley. Other buildings are gradually being transitioned to this new registration method throughout the year. For details, see: Connecting Devices to ResNet

VPN Setup on Chromebooks

Jeff has done some testing and determined that Chromebook users need to install the version of Cisco AnyConnect available in the Play Store, not the ChromeOS Web Store. However, there are two issues:

  • The Plat Store is locked out for Google accounts
  • Older Chromebooks cannot use the Play Store

For personal Chromebooks, customers should use their personal Google account (not their OSU account) to login and then access the Play Store to install AnyConnect.

For OSU-managed Chromebooks, Jeff has access to make an exception so the customer can access the Play Store. We are also looking into allowing this for all OSU accounts.

Before escalating a request to access the Play Store, please ask the customer why they need VPN access. See VPN – Troubleshooting and Alternatives KB article for alternatives to VPN.

This information has been added to the customer-facing KB article: VPN – Setup for Android and Chromebook

Duo Mobile Support for Android 7.0 Ends 2/1/2021

Beginning February 1, Android users running version 7.0 or earlier will no longer be able to download Duo Mobile from the Google Play store. Customers running Android 7.0 or below will be notified by the OSU Duo team today, 1/6/2021.

For more information, see: Duo – Android 7.0 Support Ends February 1, 2020