Service Desk Blog 12/18/2020

Support for Public Safety Computers

CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) clearance is required in order to work on computers in Public Safety. This includes in-person work as well as remote support.

It is okay to help a Public Safety customer via phone or email, but you cannot do a remote session (i.e. look at their computer) unless you have completed your CJIS certification and been fingerprinted.

Many of us have completed the CJIS training but have not yet completed the finger-printing. Both parts are required for CJIS.

If a customer asks you if you are CJIS cleared and you are not, please ask in the “SD Internal Talk” channel for another technician to pass the call to. In some cases we may need to call the customer back.

RefTool “Login Failure” Bug Fixed

A recent bug in RefTool was causing a long integer to be displayed in the “Login Failure” field for a user. This issue has been fixed, and RefTool now shows the date of the last login failure instead.

Thanks to Michael Jereza and Lucas Friedrichsen for the quick fix!

Welcome Letter to New ONID Users Bouncing as Undeliverable

This happens when the customer activates their ONID account too soon after the account has been created. The email address has not yet been created at the relays, causing the welcome letter to bounce. IAM are aware of this issue and working on it.

The problem started after the old Cyrus mail system was completely sunset recently.

ONID Domain Functional Level Raised to 2012R2

Last night the Infrastructure team raised the functional level of the ONID domain in Active Directory to 2012R2.

It is possible that some applications may not be compatible with 2012R2. If we get a ticket about an AD-integrated application that has stopped working recently, please notify the Infrastructure team.

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