Service Desk Digest 10/6/2020

VPN Disconnects

NOC found a hardcoded idle timeout at the firewall that was causing disconnects of idle VPN sessions at 30 minutes. They fixed the issue this morning, 10/6/2020. The idle timeout is now 2 hours 5 mins at the firewall.

I’ve updated this KB article: VPN – Resolve Frequent Disconnects

I think this explains some of the reported disconnect issues, but not all. Many were already resolved by diagnosing local connectivity issues or updating sleep settings.

MyOSU Sunset

MyOSU will be retired the morning of 10/12/2020. Usage logs show that most customers have already moved to MyOregonState.

Service Desk is the first point of contact for support for MyOregonState. We should make an effort to answer customer’s questions. If customers are running into errors, we need to do some work to figure out what is broken, and therefore how to escalate, just as we did with MyOSU.

Jill Swenson provided some helpful steps to troubleshoot MyOregonState issues, and I have documented those here: MyOregonState Service InfoSheet (Internal) Status

A second reminder email was sent last week to customers who have content in their public_html directories in the ONID home space. If customers reply to the survey asking to keep their site, it will be maintained for now. If they do not respond, it will be archived on 10/19/2020.

A few customers have asked how to access their web directories. This article was sent to customers in the announcement emails: ONID – Home Folder

I have made some updates to that article and the linked articles to clarify that you can use the map network drive, file transfer, or SSH methods from anywhere. Feel free to make other updates if you think the articles need it. They are pretty old and I didn’t test the steps.

Covid Appointment Training

Reminder: Please complete the training for our new appointment scheduling process: SD Scheduling During Covid