Reftool 8/27/20

This Reftool update brings multiple quality of life changes.

Application routing for search was simplified.

Upon pressing the “Search” button for a query: “query”, results will be displayed under the following URL.

The original routing:;searchType=type;filterType=filter;searchAliases=bool

The new search route:

A “Share” button has been added to the right of the results panel, it allows users to share search results.

Note: this will only display if results are returned.

Clicking the share button will copy a shareable Reftool query to the clipboard.

It will take the previous form in order to export parameters:;searchType=type;filterType=filter;searchAliases=bool

Chronological History

History will now display newest queries first. This will not affect previously saved cookies, only new queries. It might be preferable to clear history to remove cookies in the old order.

Smooth Scrolling

Upon pressing the “LDAP Entry” button, a smooth scrolling animations will play. The button will smooth scroll to either the LDAP entry or the previously pressed button.

Note: this animation was not compatible with the Chrome browser in testing.

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