RefTool Update (03/26/20)

RefTool will receive an update today at 5:15. The update restores searching for clients by first name and adds another alternative way to do so.

Two formats will be available to search for a client by first name:

  • FirstName [LastName] – where LastName is optional
  • FirstName; – first name, terminated with a semicolon

FirstName [LastName]

With this format, the user can omit the last name in the search query; however, the ending white space character (e.g. space) is required to differentiate between this and a username query. For example, to search for Jane, spell out “Jane” and a space. The LastName is received as “null”.


The FirstName [LastName] search format is error-prone because a single space is not always clear to the user. They may insert one by accident; on the other hand, if by intention, it is not immediately clear there is a space there either.

Introducing a new search format for just first name only. Instead of having to add a dangling space at the end of the first name, the user can also terminate the query with a semicolon (e.g. Jane;).

UI Indicator

RefTool UI will interpret the search format of the user’s query as they type. Below is a video demonstration:

That’s all, folks! Stay healthy and stay safe!

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