Service Desk Digest – 3/25/2020

Soft Phones

We have a new request form for soft phone setup: Request soft phone access from Telecom. I’ve added that link on the Soft Phone KB page as well.

The new form asks what operating system the customer is using. If they are using macOS or another OS, Telecom will ask Endpoint Management to grant them access to the Avaya One-X client via Citrix.

Jim is working to resolve audio issues with soft phone via Citrix Apps and Citrix Desktop. This is the only method we have for Mac users at this time. Windows users should install the client and connect to VPN.

Library Proxy Issues Resolved

The Library proxy was having an issue that was resolved this morning. Links to online articles from the library search tool were not working for remote customers.

The change to split tunnel VPN impacts customers who are trying to access library resources. They can no longer connect to VPN to browse like they are on-campus. They may be better off disconnecting from the VPN. In that case, they will get the proxied links via library search, and should then be able to access online resources.

When the new VPN server is ready for production, it will be full tunnel by default.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online migrations are still a go, and several groups are moving this week. Ben has made parent tickets for username changes that will happen tomorrow. Please link child tickets to the parent if you get calls on that.

Some Stats

237 calls as of 5pm
Tickets in queue at 8am: 254
Tickets in queue at noon: 213
Tickets in queue at 5pm: 181

Service Desk tickets resolved today: 210

Nice work!