VPN Changes

New VPN Server

I’ve updated the VPN service infosheet to include information about the new VPN server at vpn.oregonstate.edu:

VPN Service InfoSheet (Internal)

Please note that access to the new server is currently restricted to soft phone users who dial into a call center. Most soft phone users will continue to use sds.oregonstate.edu instead.

VPN Now Split-Tunnel

As of Friday, 3/20/2020 at 6:00am, the default configuration for AnyConnect clients connecting to sds.oregonstate.edu is split tunnel. In split tunnel configuration, only network traffic bound to OSU will transit the tunnel; all other traffic goes direct to the Internet. This change was made to reduce some traffic through the VPN and improve network performance for VPN users.

The down side is that anyone who was using VPN to mask their IP in order to access an IP-restricted service (such as Acquia Dev) will no longer be able to do that. The following are suggested work-arounds:

I’ve updated our VPN KB articles to reflect this change. Let me know if you have questions.