Remote Desktop Gateway Service

We have a new remote desktop gateway service that is ready for customer use. This allows customers to remote into their work computer without having to use the VPN, freeing up VPN resources for other users.

Using the remote desktop gateway requires the following:

  1. Enable Remote Desktop on the OSU computer
  2. Adjust firewall rules to permit inbound RDP traffic
  3. Add the user to the “Remote Desktop Users” local group on the computer

Service Desk Responsibilities

  • Help customers with connection issues
  • Help CN customers with workstation prep steps required before connect
  • Refer non-CN customers to their IT group for workstation prep steps
  • Escalate to tier 2 (Infrastructure) if needed (e.g. for service outage)


Service Desk Digest 3/17/2020


Thank you so much for you hard work these past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a sampling of the survey feedback we have received from customers recently (since 3/15), ALL of which has been very positive (the only complaint was from a customer who said we didn’t answer their question; I suspect they missed the email we sent them, so I sent it again). Considering the difficulty of what we have been dealing with, that really speaks to our success as a team.

This was my favorite:

“All of my recent interactions with staff have been so wonderful. I’m grateful for the competence and tone of your team.”

More recent customer feedback:

  • “Super friendly! Simple issue of directing me to the VPN install, but taken care of directly and efficiently. ” (Employee)
  • “The person that helped me was very friendly, funny and efficient. My VPN was quickly installed with no problems. Thank you all for your great attitudes and quick service during some crazy times!” (Employee)
  • “Pointed me right to where the setting could be configured. Works great! ” (Employee)
  • “Thank you for the quick service (no waiting) and I’m quite satisfied the service received 🙂 ” (Employee)
  • “IS staff took time to find solutions to my problem even though it took quite a long time and two phone calls” (Extension employee)
  • “Justin was incredibly helpful and great to work with! ” (Employee)
  • “Isak was very knowledgeable and was able to get my remote access setup quickly. ” (Employee)
  • “Tevan was fast and efficient. Thanks so much for getting my computer set up for remote work!” (Employee)
  • “The representative was able to solve my problem quickly and smoothly. ” (Extension employee)
  • “Very helpful.. I appreciate the prompt assistance! ” (Student)
  • “Very helpful CN agent. He knew exactly what I needed and led me through the steps to install the VPN application on my desktop unit. ” (Employee)
  • “Excellent service, and help. Especially with how busy I’m sure they’ve been with so many people working remotely, and trying to get everything set up for them. ” (Employee)
  • “Knowledgeable and lots of guiding skills. Wonderful tone of voice (caring and respectful).” (Employee)
  • “You had exactly what I asked for. It was marked easily identifiable at the desk. No waiting time. ” (Employee)
  • “Tech was friendly and helped restore my Outlook as I like it to appear. When working remotely systems seem to do weird things so it was nice to have someone be patient and willing to help resolve my issues. ” (Employee)
  • “Fast and prompt. ” (Student)
  • “Justin was extremely helpful and polite, especially when the helpdesk was being bombarded with remote teaching questions. Thanks! ” (Employee)