In-Person Support Stops 3/14/2020

Starting Saturday, per direction from the university’s administration, we will stop providing most in-person support. This includes walk-in support and on-site appointments.

On-Site Appointments

We should make every effort to assist customers via phone or email instead of in-person. If you think a request requires an on-site visit, tell the customer “I’m going to schedule an appointment but please note that I will need to get approval from a supervisor.” Schedule the appointment, and ping a manager (Kirsten, Max, Chris or Richard) to review the request.

Starting Monday, Patrick will be available for morning appointments, and Robin will be available for afternoon appointments. Technician schedules will be updated soon to reflect this.

Technicians going on-site should bring a keyboard and mouse to avoid touching customer equipment as much as possible.

Walk-in Closure

Starting Saturday, we will close the walk-up. The door will remain closed with a sign posted saying we are not taking walk-ins and that customers need to call for support.

If we are unable to verify a person’s identity for Duo bypass, we will schedule an appointment to have them meet us in the hallway outside Milne 201. Please schedule all such appointments on Jeff Bonnichsen’s calendar and inform him on the ticket.

Personal Device Support: if we are unable to resolve an issue for a personal device by phone, ping Jeff Bonnichsen for review of the issue. If Jeff is not available, contact Richard Turk. Please set the expectation with the customer that we may not be able to do in-person repair, and may have to refer them to local computer repair options.

CN Pick-ups: Instead of doing placements, we should try to do computer pick-ups where feasible. Computer pick-ups need to be scheduled. We have a response template in TDx to facilitate this: SD -> COVID-19 Laptop Pickup

Supporting Instructors

A big priority for us right now is ensuring good support of instructors who are trying to figure out how to teach courses remotely.

The Service Desk will be the first point-of-contact for instructors. If there question is IT-related, we should help them as usual.

If their question is more pedagogical in nature (e.g. they are asking how to design their course or exam for remote delivery), we should gather as much information as we can, create a ticket, and escalate the ticket via assignment to Canvas Consultation (Group) in TeamDynamix. The Canvas team will triage and hand the request to the appropriate people, which may include staff from AT, CTL or Ecampus.

If instructors are asking for resources, we should direct them to the Keep Teaching website. In particular, we should recommend they review the checklist: