Reftool Updates Recap (8/26/19)

Hello all,

This blog post’s purpose is to recap a couple of RefTool updates. There was an update last Friday and there will be one after hours today.

Friday Update

The former update concerned the change in time format in the Account Created and Password Changed fields in RefTool. In the past, RefTool displayed these times in the 12-hour time format, but without indication of AM/PM. This update implemented proper 12-hour time.

Additionally, the update freed the OSU profile photo integration from third-party dependencies. Previously, RefTool relied on Team Dynamix to obtain an ONID user’s university ID, then used it to request a photo from OSU Operational Data Store (ODS). This is no longer the case. RefTool now requests the ID directly from ODS, then uses it to request the photo. In the case that Team Dynamix is down, we expect the photo integration to be unaffected.

Today’s Update

The update deployed after hours today will bring some backend improvements to the photo integration.

That’s all, folks! If you have questions or comments, let me know.

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