Duo mandatory for students

The Registrar’s office will be sending the following notice to all students this week:


Once this email goes out, students will no longer be able to opt-out of Duo. If customers complain about that change, please make a ticket assigned to the Duo team.

If a customer requests an exception, please say: “Opt outs are no longer allowed. I will escalate your request for an exception, but please know that it is unlikely to be granted. In the mean time, can I help you with Duo sign-up?”

When Customers Call

We can expect an increase in requests about Duo following the Registrar’s email. Please remember that our role is to help customers sign up for Duo, not to argue with them about its merits. If they ask why they should use it, please tell them the advantages, but you don’t need to talk an angry customer into signing up.

If customers would like to know when they will be Duo mandatory, please direct them to the Duo site: beav.es/student-duo

Students can of course sign up for Duo now. They do not need to wait until their mandatory date. However, we should remind folks that it’s better to sign up as soon as possible in case they need help with the process.

Security Key Option

For students who are not in Corvallis and are unable to use their phone with Duo, we can now recommend a security key such as the Yubikey as an alternative to Duo tokens from the Beaver store. Security keys can be purchased for about $20 from anywhere, and can be used with other services beyond OSU such as Facebook, personal Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

For more information, see: Use a Security Key or Yubikey


For those of you who like the details, read on!

There are about 50,000 active student accounts that will become Duo mandatory in waves of about 10,000 accounts each. The first wave will be October 23, 2019. See beav.es/student-duo for the full schedule.

Grouper groups will be populated to show how many mandatory users have yet to sign up for each wave. The mandatory date will also be shown in RefTool. These changes have not yet been made. Please direct customers to the Duo site to determine their Duo mandatory date.

Students who are approaching their mandatory date but who have not yet signed up for Duo will receive reminder emails until they have signed up. This is similar to the process that was used for employees.

We will plan to staff up a bit for the last few days heading into the first mandatory date on October 23rd. We will probably use the overflow split on the phones again as well, and the Duo project team have offered to help take calls. Depending on how that first wave goes, we will adjust our plans for the others.

There will be several promotional activities and sign-up events to make students aware of this change. More details will be provided later on the Duo site.


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