Reminder about confidentiality

This week we added a feature to RefTool to display the OSU photo ID on record for ONID accounts. This feature was added to facilitate identity verification, e.g. when providing a Duo bypass code.

Please note that photo IDs are sensitive data. We have access to this data in order to perform our job functions. You should not be looking at any data that you do not have a business need to look at.

As stated in the OSU Acceptable Use of Computing Resources: “Refrain from unauthorized viewing or use of another person’s computer files, programs, accounts, or data.”

Also we are subject to the provisions of FERPA, federal law that protects student data. All IT employees are required to do FERPA training in order to access RefTool. You can retake FERPA training at any time here:

Also note that as professionals, we should not be discussing sensitive data with colleagues unless there is a business need to. This is especially true when posting to semi-public forums such as Slack. Please be cognizant of other customers in the room who may overhear (or see) sensitive information about themselves or someone else.